FMCG is fast and about detail

We work as a Team to find fast, effective solutions

We love product and finding and creating opportunities.  We look at the category, and we look at our partner’s capabilities, and together we develop products. Through this, we add value to the category and broaden the consumer appeal and reach. We have a wealth of experience in how to gain reach and approach the customer.

We work with the customer and partner to find the ideal logistics solution to balance production needs, product shelf life, logistics and warehouse costs to build cost-effective solutions that provide excellent service levels.  We are experienced in customs procedures also. 

Seasonal Products – Easter Eggs

We make Easter Eggs in various sizes and can add inclusions inside or within the shell. We can also make front-loaded and filled eggs. These can be foil-wrapped or naked 

Truffles & Dragees

In the manufacture of our dragees, the use of the best ingredients is a top priority in addition to the care and experience. Since almost any shape can be coated up to a certain size, a large variety of products is possible. In addition to classic shapes such as balls, loops and flakes, other small and large shapes can be chocolate coated. The surfaces are smooth or marbled, dusty or shiny. The core can consist of nuts, pastries or extrudates.

Coated Balls and Eggs

Dried fruits, nuts, pastries, marzipan, brittle leaves and many other delicacies can be wrapped in chocolate on the way through the chocolate curtain and thus become a special product – a special treat for all chocolate lovers.

Seasonal Products - Hollow Figures

We are specialists Chocolate hollows can foil-wrapped, filled or decorated.

On request, we can add various ingredients to the chocolate, such as nuts, biscuits or granulates, or fill the “belly” of the figure with lentils, for example.

According to customer requirements, hollow figures can be wrapped in tinfoil, packed in bags or folding boxes.